Currently based in Atlanta, GA.




Born in 2000, I'm a young Atlanta-based designer working to create better experiences with clean and intuitive design. When not designing, you can catch me behind the lens.

Focusing primarily on digital design, I aim to create products that are both functional and intuitive as well as visually engaging. With any project, I try to understand the underlying context and establish a clear product structure before wrapping everything in an appealing visual identity. When working in print and graphic design, I favor artwork that is crisp and minimal but still pleasing and exciting. In all these areas, I focus on all the little details and components that must be addressed properly to create a successful finished product.

In technical terms, my skillset resides in the areas of user-experience design/research + user-interface design + prototyping + print design + branding & identity.

I enjoy working with startups and small businesses looking to build their identities and create successful offerings. In my time as a designer, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of clients on a wide variety of projects. Spanning many different industries and areas of design, these projects have allowed me to build a strong, diverse skillset while giving me a deeper understanding of the varying needs and nuances of different industries. Seeing startups finally launch their products, working with a major YouTuber on their rebranding, and collaborating with the TravelChannel on television programming, are some of the many experiences that continue to fuel my passion for this craft.

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