Currently based in Atlanta, GA.


A fully commentated Haggadah to breathe new life into old traditions.

One of Judaism's most well known scriptural texts, The Haggadah, serves as sort of ritual guide for the holiday of Passover. This edition was a collaborative effort that I led for Atlanta's Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael. Combining hundreds of insights on the text with a clear layout, the work provided an easy-to-follow guide for Passover rituals that was a pleasure for readers to interact with. Numerous variants were tested to produce a result that met the challenge of balancing the primary text in different languages as well as the commentaries and instructional material.

Another highlight of the project was the creation of the Sephardia typeface. A project of its own, Sephardia was meticulously developed as a revival of the historic typography of Spanish Jewry that came about in the early 1300s. Archival scans of numerous hand-written texts from this period were analyzed to lay the groundwork for the typeface, which aimed to incorporate aspects of modern Hebrew lettering with the distinct calligraphic nature of Sephardi typography.

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