Currently based in Atlanta, GA.


Digital Product Design + User Experience Design + User Interface Design + BRANDING
Streetbash offers an social and curated way to discover your city.

At Avalon9, I worked with the team at Streetbash to create a mobile app for social and curated place/event discovery. First we worked with the team to fully clarify the app's offerings and functionalities. Extensive wire-framing was done to establish a clear flow that allowed users to immediately dive into discovery and then act upon those initial actions. We explored various forms of user interaction locally and socially, incorporating modes of discovery accordingly. For the design, we created an inviting and colorful interface that put subjects of discovery at the forefront and encouraged social interaction.

The visual identity of the app closely complemented the branding we had developed initially and incorporated the mark's colors for its categories. For the logo itself, I created custom type and incorporated a symbol with the brand colors directly into the logotype. The symbol could then be removed and scaled accordingly, while remaining recognizable as a part of the full mark.

TapMoney—A major player in the Atlanta mortgage industry appeals to younger audiences.