InsureMyK9, Canopius
UX Design, UI Design, Branding, Content Creation
With InsureMyK9, one of Florida's largest underwriting agencies and their insurance provider wanted to bring the canine coverage process directly to the public. Accordingly, the first stage of the project required creating a brand identity that made IK9 feel like a consumer-oriented company and not another big, scary insurance provider. The final logo combined a dog and shield using negative space in a modern, highly scalable mark with an equally balanced typeface for an overall brand feel that is approachable and stands out in the industry. Along with the mark, color and typography schemes, as well as collateral and several illustrations were developed.
The bulk of the project involved turned the quoting and binding process into an everyday-user accessible product in the form of a fully-responsive website. The insurance industry is notorious for its convoluted systems, difficult-to-understand lingo, and a general lack of user-centered design practices. With the IK9 website, we took a different approach to make the process as user-friendly as possible, refining and testing every detail to ensure a smooth experience. This involved working with underwriters to develop and refine form logic while establishing a compliant and clear form architecture. At the same time, I worked closely with engineering to ensure the form operated exactly as intended—I expedited this process by rapidly building out prototypes in a testing Webflow environment and then handing off exported code deliverables. I also created copy and developed elements that insured users felt comfortable and in the know about the information they were providing and the terms they were agreeing to.