Odissea Travel App

Moshe Bari, Glen Baku
UX Research, Product Design, Interaction Design, Branding
Together with an old design partner, we worked to design an application that would make the travel planning experience more exciting and intuitive. We went through a long process of research and development to come up with a polished app design. We put a lot of emphasis on the initial research process. To get started, we defined key target audience groups that would use the service and created personas that captured different needs and levels of technical fluency. Afterward, we explored the flow and user journey of each of these personas and market-tested.
In the visual design exploration stage, we developed a style playful enough to go well with the adventure and excitement of travel, but serious enough to remain usable and intuitive, and suitable for non-recreational travel. For the branding, we explored movement and symbols associated with traveling and settled on a mark that referenced the arrows that cover nearly all the signage associated with traveling.